Cleaning Services That Care for the Environment

If you have cleaning needs as critical as a Super Fund site or as small as a parking lot oil spill, we can handle it.

Super Fund is a federal designation of a highly contaminated area and allows federal funds to aid in clean-up. The pictures below are of a parking lot cleaning project we did for the Port of Portland.

The parking lot is located on the Willamette River Super Fund site in Portland, and you can see the river in the background. We cleaned the entire parking lot with no drops entering the environment.

The pressure washing unit in these pictures is equipped with a huge 750 CFM vacuum and a 700-gallon spoils tank for capturing the wash effluent. Note the vacuum dams used to block and capture effluent to the tank on the truck. We process all effluent at our shop to the parameters of our DEQ permit 1700a.

Do you have algae growth, high phosphorous readings, parking lot stains, oil spills, environmental problems, or any cleaning needs, large or small? We clean them all and protect the environment in the process.